Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Most Examined, Most Hated, Most Qualified to be President: Go Figure

Smart is the Operative Word, but Not on Trump's Vocab List

Absolutely 100% Spot On

I purposely intend for this post to be short and direct.

You may not agree, but the fact remains: Hillary Clinton has gotten more attention, more scrutiny, more political hype, and more GOP shit thrown at her as they hope something will stick and ruin her, bring her down, damage her, and more likely as the new Trump rally call says: “Lock her up” which the most utter craziness than anyone who ever sought the presidency as ever withstood, and yet she is still standing.

Hillary Clinton has real “true grit,” and she will make a very good president. I have absolutely no doubt about that.

That is for logical thinking people who pay close attention to these kinds of GOP dirty tricks, mud-slinging shenanigans that goes far beyond belief and rational comprehension.  

At least in my view. Thanks for stopping by.

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