Saturday, August 27, 2016

Assange-WikiLeaks Designed to Influence and Harm the General Election

Not Crying Wolf – Addressing Possibility

Great Campaign Strategy

This update supplements the original post about Assange and WikiLeaks next bombshell that follows below:

Assange and his lastest WikiLeaks threat is about to seriously undermine our entire election process.

For example, say for example that he does “leaks” stuff about Hillary Clinton that he claims is riveting?

Say she loses due to the public buying into the “leaks” but then later it is proven to be totally false. What then? An apology? A retraction? A new election? What?

The damage to our entire system and process will be gone forever. The public trust will be lost perhaps even worse than that lost as a result of Watergate and all that damage it levied on us even still today.

These kinds of “leaks” especially those he has stated he wants to use to ruin Hillary Clinton and her chances for the White House surely should have some restraints.

What if such “leaks” result in a phony war or a similar world-wide event?

Wait one huge lie did start a war. Can you spell Iraq vis-à-vis Ahmed Chalabi and his bullshit lies about “Curveball?” Also, these tidbits relating to that invasion: Mushroom clouds, duct tape, WMD's, even Judy Miller’s reporting, etc. Those are things we heard and saw that built the bogus case for that war and here we are still today – still stuck in Iraq.

Curve ball admits it was a lie in this 6-minute video – a lesson is here to be re-learned again. Also, revealed here.

I firmly believe that the Supreme Court must somehow wade in preemptively on this narrow and very critical subject. How of course, remains the key question. But, we must be prepared, shouldn’t we?

So, what is at stake? Only the future of our country and folks, I am not one to cry wolf – but, this case deserves immediate high level attention before there is even a wolf anywhere nearby named Julian Assange.

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