Thursday, July 14, 2016

Trump vs. Ginsburg: Round 2 — She Apologizes, He Issues Threat and Insult

She is lady-like. He opens yap (Trump fashion) like a spoiled child
(I will never apologize to him until he does. Hell in deed will freeze over)

Consider this vis-à-vis Justice Ginsburg remarks about Trump from this source: 

What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander comes to mind. But that does change the fact that Donald J. Trump is a nasty, insulting, despicable man while being extremely skilled as clever and at his silly-ass name-calling PR stunt.

Now he issues this threat to Justice Ginsburg – not personal threat but one aimed squarely at the entire Supreme Court, and naturally he did on Twitter:

Donald J. Trump

If I win the Presidency, we will swamp Justice Ginsburg with real judges and real legal opinions!"

By that post he implies in no uncertain terms that she and others on high court bench are not “real judges who issue real legal opinions.”  

So, I ask, Mr. and Mrs. Trump Supporters: Where is the outrage about that kind of ugliness? Oh, I see, it appeals to you because that is how you believe and think – check, got it. Carry on.

Overall: If what Justice Ginsburg said is a disgrace that so many are saying and that she “crossed the ethical line” then she’s in illustrious company.  To wit: Supreme Court justices have been messing in politics, including active campaign politics even while the ink was still wet on the Constitution.

A few examples: 
  1.  In 1800, just a short decade after the high court was founded, so many of its justices at the time were out campaigning for John Adams that the opening of the court term had to be delayed.
  2.  Now some 200 years later, it’s more taboo what she said than that? Or for a justice to openly endorse a particular candidate? None of that has stopped the country’s top legal jurists on the court from taking sides.
  3.  As recently as election night, 2000, when NBC declared for Democratic candidate Al Gore, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor told the guests at an election party that the Democrat’s election victory was “terrible.” 
  4.  She then went on to participate in making sure nothing so terrible would happen, casting the crucial fifth vote in Bush v. Gore without blinking an eye.
  5.  Justice O’Connor had a long history of rooting for the Bushes in presidential elections. For example, in 1988, she wrote to longtime political ally Sen. Barry Goldwater (also from AZ), in a letter now in his public archives, that she “would be thankful if George B wins. It is vital for the Court and the nation that he does.”

Like so many times before following a string of floor speeches, posturing, appearances on the many 24/7 news shows (namely Fox), after issuing this or that finding (with little evidence like Benghazi or Clinton email flap) all across GOP Talk Radio la-la land, the GOP once again overreacts and usually ends up the same way, or as they say: “There ain’t no there, there.” That is the case here. Get political mileage not matter how or whom it damages.

Justice Ginsburg was lady-like and apologized to Trump, and I support her brave decision … but folks, she still has 1st Amendment rights just like you and I – we must never forget that.

So, when was the last time Trump ever apologized to anyone for anything since he has been in this race to be President?  

I refer to his trademark name calling and insulting labels, like: (1) “Crooked" Hillary Clinton, (2) “Lying” Ted Cruz, (3) “Low-Energy” Jeb Bush, (4) “Little” Marco Rubio, (5) “Disgusting He Can't Stop Stuffing His Face” John Kasich,  (6) “Crazy” Bernie Sanders, (7) “Goofy” Elizabeth Warren, and (8) “Blood Coming Out of Her Whatever” Megyn Kelly (Fox GOP debate moderator), and anyone else who disagrees with him or vice versa. 

So, I ask again, when did Trump last apologize to anyone for any insult? Yeah, right – boy, that's a long time (like never).

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