Sunday, July 10, 2016

Trump Machine: Runs Illegal Foreign Money Soliciting Spam Network

Hey, don’t blame a guy for trying to get a few campaign bucks

The headline for this post is startling (but quite frankly not surprising). 

The story:  Who could have imagined this? As was reported just a week ago, the Trump camp's massive fundraising blitz ending up hitting legislators in numerous foreign countries as well as spamming a seemingly limitless number of victims around the world.  

According to Return Path, 79% of Trump fundraising emails were caught in spam filters, an extremely high rate by industry standards, seemingly because Trump was using purchased or rented lists rather than ones the campaign had grown organically through campaign-related supporter sign ups. In any case, this led to problems.

At least one of the bulk email platforms Trump's campaign was using to send between 50 and 60 million emails moved rapidly to suspend his access because the “email in question has raised serious security and legal concerns among Adestra and other industry leaders.” This from Campaign and Elections (C&E):

Adestra, a U.K.-based email service platform, confirmed to C&C that within just the last 48 hours it has suspended service to Paramount Communication Group, the Beltway-based company working directly with the Trump digital team who was reselling the platform's services, and with Adestra’s co-founder and CEO (Henry Hyder-Smith) saying this: 

Adestra, a leading global provider of innovative marketing technology software and services, has suspended services to one of its agency clients, which recently sent an email on behalf of the Trump Campaign. The email in question has raised serious security and legal concerns among Adestra and other industry leaders. If we believe that a client is misusing the platform or not adhering to the high standards to which Adestra is committed, we may exercise our contractual option to suspend their service from sending email while still allowing them access to our products and their data.”

That’s why they pulled the plug on the Trump spam. 

As the story concludes: This case doesn't mean the Trumpeters won't be able to send emails anymore or spam and scam for money that on the surface appear to be nothing more than illegal campaign fund raising scheme via this massive spamming effort. 

Why not? There are more vendors out there, and the Trump bunch likely are already using multiple vendors. More worrisome is this Trump move from indifference to fundraising to maniacal fundraising this underhanded and possibly illegal way.  

Trump has now become perhaps one of the biggest spamming operations going at the moment. It is not clear how that can be quickly resolved or improved even if Trump wants it easily and quickly resolved – that is huge question mark.

My Take on All This: The nickname for him using his own standard might well be: “Donald J. Trump, the Biggest Illegal Campaign Fund Spammer of all Time.

So, I wonder if the GOP running congress will launch an investigation of Trump and blatant violation of Federal law in regard to campaign financing and soliciting money from foreign entities and foreign nationals around the globe. The short answer is of course: Hell no…!!

It is clear that this Trump stunt piled on top of everything else he has said and done to this point as he seeks office that it is only merely about propping himself up for future TV reality shows and to build more for his own personality and name expansion that are tied to his business developments not only in place now, but for future commercial endeavors and profit, and personal wealth and not much else. 

That’s the way I see it. Thanks for stopping by … leave a comment if you want. 

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