Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Major Issue Facing the Country: Open Carry Gun Laws and Court Protection

Right on Target (No pun intended)

Picture of the Utter Insanity All Across America 

CLEVELAND — The open-carry activists who brought handguns to an afternoon rally for the new Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had more than firearms in common.

All of the armed activists who talked to Yahoo News at the event, which was held just outside the security perimeter for the Republican National Convention, cited similar reasons for having pistols on display. They expressed fear about the state of the country, eroding personal freedoms and concerns about violence from the jihadist group the Islamic State and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The debate over open carrying of firearms has gained prominence in recent years, in the aftermath of a series of high-profile mass shootings. And for the activists at the Trump rally, carrying weapons was both protection and a political statement.

Jim Peterson was wearing a tight T-shirt with an American flag and a visible bulge from the body armor he was wearing underneath. The holster on his hip held a .357 magnum revolver.

“It’s strong enough. It’ll do the job,” Peterson said as showed off the gun.
Peterson explained that he was carrying the firearm to express support for the Second Amendment and to guard against potential dangers at the convention.

Story continues here … whew boy… what a load of horseshit … the question has been posed before and is a famous line from the Eddie Murphy movie: The Distinguished Gentleman spoken by Olaf Andersen: (a lobbyist on the take) who says: “Now the question is, can we get the shit back into the horse?”

My view is simple, but not likely to happen: The USSC should revisit and then reverse this crazy “right to open carry” ruling they made that has generated this “Wild, Wild West” mentality, which is utter insanity. Someday (soon, but probably not), we will see it play out. 

That will be good guys with guns mowing down other good guys with guns – then saying oops won’t suffice. Fear and panic and worry about “losing our guns and our rights and freedoms” are the basis for this men and women to open carry guns in public like the 1800’s. Utter insanity and it is recipe for disaster on the horizon that I see here.

Stay tuned as usual… I predict the high-court will move to reverse that “open carry policy” position. We shall see.

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