Saturday, July 2, 2016

America Today: Thanks Supreme Court for Two-Word Summary “Insanity Amuck”

Not Allowed in Cleveland at RNC Nominating Convention

Allowed in Cleveland at RNC Nominating Convention
(Simple Question: Why???)
 Recent headlines and front page photo from this story here:

Protesters flooding the streets outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland won’t be allowed to come with “Super Soakers (water guns)” — but they’ll be able to bring a loaded firearm.

Strict RNC rules call for a ban on soda cans, glass bottles, tennis balls, and umbrellas with metal tips or “any projectile launcher” like BB guns, paintball guns, and water guns in the 1.7-square-mile “event zone” surrounding the Quicken Loans Arena convention site, where 2,470 delegates will gather to officially name Donald J. Trump as the GOP’s presidential nominee.

But pistol-packing protesters — as per Ohio’s lax open-carry laws — can freely carry in public areas, like parks, within the designated zones around the venue.

Ohio is an open-carry state that has no ban on assault weapons, so long as they are legally obtained and don’t fire more than 31 cartridges without reloading, according to

Typical response from an arrogant a-hole in today’s America on this issue I am sorry to say: “You can take my string, and you can take my duct tape, but you can’t take my gun — it is open carry.” (Quote from Tim Selaty, director of operations at Citizens for Trump).

How pathetic is all this, Mr. and Mrs. Red, White, and Blue America? That is the right to carry openly a gun in public as seen above, and I guess in a pinch, you have no right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if fired upon by a AR-15 wielding nutcase who has a high-capacity magazine with only 30 rounds of ammo (he is within the law) – so, the word pathetic does not even come close to describing this absolute and total insanity. Just keeping us safe, right? Yeah, right.
Finally, I wonder if the Trump family (his wife and 4 kids) all lined up to speak will be packing heat?

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