Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, the Canadian Weasel: Favors Greed over Workers

A Silly Question, right Senator  Cruz
(Working for More Profits to Move Off-shore)

Working for Working Americans

All that RED and Corporate "Green"

Latest from Cruz on this topic: He said in essence during a radio interview that he supports national “right-to-work” legislation, which is a type of anti-labor law that WI passed last year in an effort to cripple the state’s unions, as well as a lot of RED states.

Cruz, who is currently leading in the Wisconsin polls, said in an interview on WTMJ radio in Milwaukee that such right-to-work laws are a “fundamental right,” according to the Associated Press. Right-to-work laws are designed to severely weaken unions by forcing them to provide services without payment from workers.  

He also said during the interview that supporting a right-to-work law will show that government “sides with the working men and women of this country.” He added that Wisconsin’s law restricting unions “is exactly what we need to do in Washington.” 

“Ted” Cruz is the new “Tail Gunner” Joe McCarthy – scare the crap out of people and hope for good results. 

Related: Union’s bottom line is to help hard working Americans. Giant Corporation’s bottom line is more greed and billions in profits sitting off-shore with more on the way. 

So, here is a reminder of the things Unions have worked hard for decades to make things better for all Americans: 
  1. Weekends without work breaks at work including lunch
  2. Paid vacation
  3. Family & Medical Leave Act
  4. Sick leave
  5. Social Security
  6. Minimum wage
  7. Title 7: employer discrimination
  8. 8-hour work day
  9. Overtime pay
  10. Child labor laws
  11. Safety & Health Act (OSHA)
  12. 40-hour work week
  13. Workers compensation
  14. Unemployment insurance
  15. Pensions
  16. Workplace safety standards
  17. Employer health care insurance
  18. Collective bargaining
  19. Wrongful termination laws
  20. Anti-Age Discrimination 1967
  21. Whistleblower protection laws
  22. Employee Polygraph Protection
  23. Veteran's Employment and Training
  24. Compensation & Raise Evaluation
  25. Sexual harassment laws
  26. Americans with Disabilities Act
  27. Holiday pay
  28. Employer provided-insurance
  29. Privacy rights
  30. Pregnancy and parental leave
  31. Military leave (job protection)
  32. The right to strike
  33. Public education for children
  34. Equal Pay Act: 1963 & 2011
  35. Ending sweatshops/Child labor
We don't need Cruz's type of help. A fact. We should pass on him, too.

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