Friday, April 8, 2016

GOP Candidates Hit the Big Apple Seeking Delegate Votes Before Cleveland

GOP 2016 Original Field

Trump, Cruz, Kasich: Last of the Field

Cruz & Trump: Top 2 Delegate Count 

Door #1

Door #2

May be just my view — a single view — but, I suspect it's the same view of millions of campaign watchers like me.

We are about to see the GOP choose between their top two candidates: Donald J. Trump or Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz. That in my view is tantamount to the GOP being handed the death sentence, and then being asked to choose between the electric chair or firing squad...!!!  

As I said, my view, but perhaps shared by millions. In essence, if one is truly honest, this 2016 GOP presidential field may be the worse candidate field in the last three or four cycles — possibly the worst in GOP party nominating history.  

We are about to see a very nasty convention in Cleveland if Trump or Cruz can be believed will happen if they do not get the nomination on the first ballot.  

Stay tuned. And, for my GOP friends, hang on tight.

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