Friday, March 4, 2016

Stop Trump: Says Romney, McConnell, & Scared GOPers Near Total Breakdown

Mitt “Subliminal” Romney Warns Republican Voters 

Trump Supporters to Date

Those people who at this point readily accept Donald J. Trump at face value with all his baggage and lackluster public service plus his showmanship TV host antics are also, I suspect, huge FOX fans, Limbaugh lovers, and Hannity hounds

Who are they? They seem to be a wide cross of former TEA party type people. They probably love QVC home shopping; love reality shows in the afternoon; love the 30-second campaign Ads; and love to see this 2016 version of the return of Trump and The Apprentice; this time with him trying to sell and hire himself.

This seems to be the real, reality. We are watching a brand new, new America, with all the trimmings carefully designed for this show and it's all around us, and sadly, with the worse possible image ever being projected all across the globe showing the ugly side of American politics. True, politics is nasty and ugly, but this as they say takes the proverbial cake.

Trumpeters talk nasty about everyone being to blame for everything and chime in “What has happened to our country. We need to get it back and MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN.” (Singing the Trump’s theme song). 

I have to laugh out loud. I tell those Trump supporters to try looking in the nearest mirror for both cause and solution. They offer few if any viable solutions themselves seeking to trust the likes of Trump or Cruz or possibly now it seems, Mitt Romney who certainly seems to be hoping and praying for a draft Mitt movement before the convention or on the convention floor … that seems to be the thrust of his recent rant about Trump or so it seems to me.

What happened to our “greatness?” It’s all around us for those without blinders on. Just take an honest look and for goodness sake turn off FOX and Trump – things will clear up really fast.

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