Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GOP Spin Machine Getting Fresh Oil and Ready for Final Push: Nail HILLARY

“They all do it, right?” Yeah, but some are better than others…

Red meat headlines; aggressive media policy: “If it bleeds, it leads” and other carefully designed headlines to grab the reader’s attention. However, based on lots of reading and such, far too often than not, dig into the story and bingo, or as someone once quipped: “There ain’t no there, there.”

Case in point from this story, in part (my emphasis added to make a point):

In comments that are sure to draw the ire of her Republican critics, Hillary Clinton sought to contrast the war in Iraq with the intervention in Libya during her stint as secretary of state.

I’ve said Iraq was a mistake,” Clinton recently told Chris Matthews during an MSNBC town hall event.  “Libya was a different kind of calculation. And we didn’t lose a single person. We didn’t have a problem in supporting our European and Arab allies in working with NATO.”

As Politico noted (and I think precisely), Clinton was probably referring to the U.S.-backed overthrow of Libyan dictator Mohammar Gadhafi in 2011 and not the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi, where four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, were killed. (I also note: this is a critical distinction that days will prove that the GOP righties will spin for all it’s worth – watch and see).

Matthews pressed Clinton on what he called the United States push for “regime change” in places like Iraq and Libya.

Mrs. Clinton responded: “Now, is Libya perfect? It isn’t. But did they have two elections that were free and fair where they voted for moderates. Yes, they did. So you know, changing from a dictator who has hollowed out your country to something resembling a functioning state and even hopefully more of a democratic one doesn’t happen overnight. And we’ve got to continue to support the Libyan people, to give them a chance, because otherwise you see what has happened in Syria, with the consequences of millions of people flooding out of Syria, with more than 250,000 people killed, with terrorist groups like ISIS taking up almost — huge blocks of territory, as big as some of the states in that area.”

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Just for the record, wait and watch for the GOP spin … then, duck!! What duck???

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