Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sen. Mitch McConnell Must Be Removed from Office ASAP for Nonfeasance Pledge

McConnell Looks Down in the Mouth Like He Just Ate Raw Duck

Nonfeasance legal def: “The neglect or failure of a person to do some act which he ought to do. The term is not generally used to denote a breach of contract, but rather the failure to perform a duty towards the public.”

This story is astonishing — in part from Vox.com here with this headline:

Mitch McConnell just announced the Senate might not take up any substantive legislation in 2016

Wow, talk about a harsh and provocative statement – I wonder why?

For anyone who thought Congress might accomplish something in 2016, this dose of cold water comes from the Hill's Alexander Bolton, who reports that probably ain't happening this way:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), seeking to protect his majority in a tough cycle for Republicans, is leaning toward holding back several measures that have bipartisan support but are divisive in his conference.”

So, for example old Mitch says his GOP won’t be voting on (from Bolton’s report):

(1) That bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that looked so promising, the one Republicans and Democrats had worked so hard on to reach a compromise. Yeah, the Senate won't be voting on that. 

(2)  The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 

(3)  The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) (against ISIS I presume?). 

(4)  Or really not much else. 

Why not? Because why force anybody to take tough votes? 

I conclude that this is the new GOP, or should I say the new GOP “inaction?” 

Okay, so why are they on the public till with a job disapproval of nearly 80 percent? (With 15% approval and some 7% unsurethe latest).

Simple: Who the Hell knows. Just don't ask Mitch McConnell — he comes across as politically savvy; but, in reality he is dumber than owl shït (pardon my French).

That's it for now. Oh, too harsh, you think? Well, maybe, a tad, but it also shows a streak of my anger. Why, aren't you?  

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