Sunday, February 28, 2016

McConnell and GOP Table Set But They Are Unable to Enjoy TEA and Trumpets

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Off to Another “Stop Trump Meeting”
(The stern look is a dead giveaway)

We see old Mitch McConnell on his way to another meeting to discuss strategy to stop Trump I surmise.

What we see in the making as it were could be the start of the end of the GOP as we know it today and that has actually been in the making since the TEA “party” of 2010 era came on the scene in that party and has caused a lot turmoil for GOP leaders, even possibly now with a new brand of “TEA” sippers (angry Republicans turning against their party in near riot gear).

Mitch McConnell by his own words and I guess his forthcoming efforts has set out to gather GOPers, not to enjoy tea and crumpets, but how to finish off and toss away TEA and Trumpets?

Here I have a related story about nearly the same thing: McConnell on Mission to Stop Trump.

Now we see old Mitch off to a meeting, I guess, about how to stop Trump, or if Trump gets the GOP nomination, how to ignore him while trying to get the entire GOP to drop him “like a rock” as pointed out in this story from the NY Times with this stunning headline:

“Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump”

Highlights from the story as I see it with my emphasis: 

In public, there were calls for the party (GOP) to unite behind a single candidate. In dozens of interviews, elected officials, political strategists and donors described a frantic, last-ditch campaign to block Mr. Trump — and the agonizing reasons that many of them have become convinced it will fail. Behind the scenes, a desperate mission to save the party sputtered and stalled at every turn.

Efforts to unite warring candidates behind one failed spectacularly: An overture from Senator Marco Rubio to Mr. Christie angered and insulted the governor.  

An unsubtle appeal from Mitt Romney to John Kasich, about the party’s need to consolidate behind one rival to Mr. Trump, fell on deaf ears.

At least two campaigns have drafted plans to overtake Mr. Trump in a brokered convention, and the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has laid out a plan that would have lawmakers break with Mr. Trump explicitly in a general election.

Despite all the forces arrayed against Mr. Trump, the interviews show, the party has been gripped by a nearly incapacitating leadership vacuum and a paralytic sense of indecision and despair, as Trump has won smashing victories in South Carolina and Nevada.

Donors have dreaded the consequences of clashing with Mr. Trump directly. Elected officials have balked at attacking him out of concern that they might unintentionally fuel his populist revolt.

Republicans have lacked someone from outside the presidential race who could help set the terms of debate from afar.

The endorsement by Gov. Chris Christie, a not unblemished but still highly regarded figure within the party’s elite — he is a former chairman of the Republican Governors Association — landed recently with crippling force.

Memo to Mr. and Mrs. Gosh Old Party: What do we do now?  Stay tuned – it could be even nastier for the GOP from now on, even if that’s possible. So, hand on tight, it will get a lot rougher I am sure.

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