Sunday, February 21, 2016

GOP's Brand New Menu Sandwich: Trump on a Roll

“Make America Great Again” 
(Look What We Got Instead)

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(Bye, Bye American Greatness)

Trump said that SC evangelical voters and born-again Christians, who Cruz predicted would turn out in droves to propel him to victory, instead broke decisively for Trump 33 percent to Cruz's 27 percent.

That was a coup of sorts for Trump, the larger-than-life candidate whose blustery rhetoric on immigration and terrorism seemed to make up for his apparent lack of religious and foreign policy and indeed national security credentials with those SC GOP voters. It is perhaps the most important demographic victory for Trump, but certainly not the only one. In fact, exit polls from the Washington Post tell a larger story about how Trump has molded the views of Republican voters to match his, and he has turned them in his favor with wild success and wilder promises of what he would do to “Make America Great Again.”

(I wonder: When did America lose our greatness, um, Mr. Trump)?

All this should alarm GOP party elites set on stopping Trump from sweeping the nomination. SC’s population looks a lot like those of the seven southern states voting on March 1 in the so-called “Super Tuesday” primaries and caucuses on March 1, 2016 that conducts all these races:

Alabama                                   (D and R)
Alaska caucus                           (R only)
American Samoa caucus          (D only)
Arkansas                                   (D and R)
Colorado caucus                       (D and R)
Georgia                                     (D and R)
Massachusetts                           (D and R)
Minnesota caucus                     (D and R)
North Dakota caucus                (R only)
Oklahoma                                 (D and R)
Tennessee                                 (D and R)
Texas                                        (D and R)
Vermont                                   (D and R)
Virginia                                    (D and R)
Wyoming caucus                     (R only)

More on those here elections [click here].

Unless there is a major shift in the race, the advantages Trump has built up for himself will likely hold up, and he could indeed sweep those major states as the election moves west and to larger states. 

If Trump sweeps those then this paramount question looms over the GOP: What the hell do we do now?

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