Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More Worldwide Economic Turmoil and Disruption on the Horizon in the EU

Front Page Photo of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (in power since 2005)

We hear it all the time (mostly from American “Conservatives”) along these lines: 
  1. There is too much government red tape...
  2. Corporate taxes are too high… 
  3. There are too many rules and regulations on business...
  4. We have too many “takers” taking from the “givers” (Mitt Romney)…
  5. Government needs to get out the way of business…

Ouch ... what a plateful or BS, or as I prefer to say “what a load of horseshit.” As they guy said in the movie: “Now, how do we get the shit back in the horse?”

What about too much money at the very top with the greedy bastards from our recent past – say like 2008 to be precise?

We bailed out the big banks that have since recouped their losses and then some.

Many of them caused our near total meltdown and the economic turmoil that followed along with the massive disruption along the way all the while they reaped huge off-shore profits, keep billions off-shore in tax havens as they pay Pols to keep the rules in place strictly for them while they provide big money to keep the Pols in office (the you scratch my back, I’ll pad your PAC).

Call that the “greed factor” – for that is precisely what it is.

Now, the latest pitiful economic forecast, and no, not more from China, or even India (although I’m sure India will have theirs in a few years). I mean this latest.

FROM GERMANY – THIS STORY >>> Europe on the brink of financial MELTDOWN as Germany faces economic ruin

The European financial powerhouse (Germany) could be facing a huge financial crisis which would have devastating implications for Britain as a lethal storm of economic problems brews in Germany.

Pretty startling headlines I’d say. So what’s next? Who’s next? Too much government – I don’t think so, but I would say maybe not enough honest, focused, dedicated and public-serving government to head these things off … major cause: big money keeping who they want in office to do their bidding. A fact.

That is why a Bernie Sanders type is laughed off the stage at for his straight talk about drawing down the big banks and others who skate in these messes and come out smelling like the proverbial rose after the rest of us has already stepped in what they dropped behind. Our own GOP loves to live in  the past with the the old sound byte about Trickle-Down Economics (we provide to the top and they will help the rest of us). Actually, here's how I see that working. What about you?

Call it the "Reagan Tree House"

So, ask yourself: How many big bankers and others at that level went to jail after causing 2008? I think we can count them on one hand, right? And, yes, absolute greed does corrupt absolutely. 

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned to this story – it ain’t over yet.

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