Monday, January 25, 2016

Fake Video Weasels Face Prosecution, Trial, and Possible Jail Time

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Planned Parenthood Fake Video Author
(to face justice and rightly so in a big way hopefully)

Based on what I have read about the PLANNED PARENTHOOD video tapes I concluded this:

Selling aborted fetuses (or parts as bad as that sounds) is illegal and unlawful and all providers, except back alley coat hanger quacks know that.  If PP can be proven to have done that, i.e., sell body parts rather than provide them to medical research facilities for a small prep/transport fee which the tapes lied about, then prosecute them. So, why is that not happening? Now these key points I raised awhile back:

First and most important, PP did nothing wrong or illegal. For all the talk about the process (seen and heard on the fake tapes), it does sound gross and gruesome to the layman, but go talk to your local funeral director and see how they handle body parts that the dead person said, “I want to donate to science.” That is the same science the GOP hates – science is science, right? Again to the layman, it sounds gruesome but not to medical experts. 

From what I know:

(1)  The details sound awful for sure, but not to medical persons. The undercover tapes make them sound worse by the select editing (cite the James O’Keefe ploy).
(2)  If PP is guilty of selling like the fake tapes try to show, then prosecute PP, but that seems unlikely in view of the edited tapes showing a crime that right now is not there; so why not prosecute the film crew for their lies and undercover activities which could be illegal, too.
(3) If PP or any of the hundreds of other Federally-funded places that collect body parts and provide them to medical research are doing it for a profit, rather than for science, then hold them to account, too, but that too is unlikely (at least until another fake video hits the scene).
(4)  Right now there is no there, there. Anti-abortion types like these undercover fake detectives will always see only one what they want to see: Any way to stop abortions even by deceit and crimes and underhanded means that they try to justify: fake videos that do more harm than good in my view, too.  

NOW THIS UPDATE FROM TEXAS: In a very unusual move, a Texas grand jury that was investigating alleged misconduct by officials at Planned Parenthood, instead decided to turn the tables. That grand jury returned an indictment against the two anti-abortion activists who actually made the videos: David Daleiden, director of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) faces felony charges, including tampering with a governmental record, and a misdemeanor charge related to purchasing human organs along with Sandra Merritt another CMP employee.

It's nice to wait and see how these "hot issue/narrow view/red meat stories" play out isn't it? The end in far too many cases is nothing like the lies or rumors GOP/FOX, and others spreader hoping for something that usually ends up 180° in the opposite direction - something this GOP is totally incapable of doing it seems and for a very long time.

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