Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GOP Christmas Gift Year-After-Year Just Like Neckties or Argyle Socks

War on School Lunches
(as well as the SNAP (food stamp program)

GOP War on Women is Real
(despite the GOP rhetoric otherwise)

Brief Message for all Republican Women Voters
(not an insult, just a wake-up call)

Republican Attacks on the Poor, Women and Most Social Programs in America - three examples:

Related and extremely timely in this election cycle for our future: The GOP controls the House and Senate and last week passed a federal budget slashing virtually every social program from preschool to senior safety nets.

Democrats, responded by accurately calling it “a recipe for national decline,” as it goes after health care, anti-poverty programs, schools and student loans and Social Security, all while raising taxes on the middle-class, breaking promises to veterans and boosting military spending.
Meanwhile, in red states where Republicans control the Legislature and executive branches, the rampage has exceeded even this Congress’ wildest dreams.
In Kansas, for example: the GOP rewrote laws for their welfare programs, turning assistance from a safety net into a barbed-wire fence, treating recipients — mostly single parents and children — like paroled convicts.
In 11 other red states, 37 new rules have been adopted this year creating more barriers to abortion — from requiring parental consent, to mandatory waiting periods, to falsely telling women that some procedures can be reversed.
Each election cycle seems to have the same theme: it's time for change, trust our side, and help us reverse the takeover of America by the DEMS or words to that effect.
The problem with that “we need change pitch” is what kind of change will we get if we fall for that line – nowadays the mantra of the GOP – one they spew for example each cycle. Just review the links above and their actual deeds in Congress.
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