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Need Worldwide Effort to Locate, Close With, and Destroy ISIS (Infantry Tactics)

ISIS: The Faces of Evil Worldwide

 Innocents and Wounded Recently in Paris 

A very direct and simple message with one premise for the entire free world:

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The attacks in Paris teach a valuable lesson. Below are various world comments (my emphasis in red and are my views which I have said from day). The free world must unite and eradicate ISIS and all forms of terror on a worldwide front.

First a short 2 minute video at the scene of one of the attacks – the Concert Hall:


Link here

Introduction: ISIS released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack. In an audio statement released online in Arabic and French, the group said “ISIS soldiers targeted the capital of prostitution and obscenity by eight and this attack was the first of the storm and a warning to those who wish to learn.”

World reaction (finally a united free world response – better late than never, I guess?):

1.  French President Francois Hollande blames ISIS for the attacks all across Paris Friday night that left at least 127 dead and many more injured, including Americans calling the attacks, saying in part: “An act of war and when faced with war, the country must take appropriate decisions. An act committed by a terrorist army, DAESH [ISIS], against what we are, a free country that speaks together with the planet. An act of war prepared, planned, from outside, with outside complicity which an investigation will establish. An act of absolute barbarism. In this painful period, so serious, so decisive for our country, I appeal for unity, for togetherness, for cool-headedness, and I will address Parliament in a joint session at Versailles on Monday.”

2. President Obama said in a televised address: “Once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. This is an attack not just on Paris and not just on people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. The French people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States time and again. And we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism.  

3.  Secretary of State John Kerry said: “These kinds of attacks are the most vile, horrendous, outrageous, unacceptable acts on the planet. So we are witnessing a kind of medieval and modern fascism at the same time. Which has no regard for life, which seeks to destroy and create chaos and disorder and fear. And the one thing we can say to those people is what they did in this is stiffen our resolve. All of us to fight back, to hold people accountable and to stand up for rule of law which is exactly what we're here to do.”

4.  British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The terror threat level in the United Kingdom would remain at severe (which is the second-highest level).”

5.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “This attack on freedom was aimed not just at Paris, it targeted and it hits all of us. That is why we must all respond together.”

6.  Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to French President Francois Hollande saying: “These are the latest testimonial to the barbaric essence of terrorism which throws down a challenge to human civilization. It's obvious that an effective fight against this evil demands a real unity of the forces of the international community. I would like to confirm the readiness of Russia for the closest cooperation with our French partners in investigating the crime that took place in Paris. In this difficult time for France, I ask you to pass along words of sincere sympathy and support to the relatives and those near to those who were killed and wishes for a fast recovery to all those who were hurt at the hands of extremists.”

7.  Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hossein Jaber Ansari, said: “Those terrorist groups that committed the Paris crimes do not believe in ethical principles and they are not loyal to any type of divine religions — including Islam.”  

8.  Pope Francis said: “I am close to the people of France, to the families of the victims, and I am praying for all of them. I am moved and I am saddened. I do not understand, these things hard to understand. There is no religious or human justification for these attacks, and the attacks are a piece of the piecemeal of a Third World War.”  

A few others from around the globe:  

9.  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said: “China is deeply shocked by the attacks and pledges solidarity with France in combating terrorism. Terrorism is a common challenge facing humanity. China resolutely supports France in maintaining its national security and stability and in attacking terrorism.”

10.  Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said: “I am deeply shocked and outraged by the news of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Japan stands by France to cooperate in this international fight against terrorism. We strongly condemn the act of terrorism, which we do not tolerate for any reason. The families of the victims have our condolences.”

11. DOD Secretary Ashton Carter called the attacks: “An assault on our common human dignity,” adding “the United States stands with the people of France and its vibrant, multicultural democracy.”

12.  Canada’s newly-elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau said: “Our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to our French cousins in this dark and terrible time.”

13. Turkish President Recep Tayyip said he feels the pain by France, adding: “The attacks were aimed at the two countries' peace and security and calls for unity against all terror groups.”

14.  Jordan’s King Abdullah II expressed strong condemnation and indignation at the cowardly terrorist act, and solidarity with the French people.

15.  Italian Premier Matteo Renzi said in remarks ahead of top security officials’ meeting that the  terrorists who attacked Paris were striking at our way of life, adding: “The security in Italy has been intensified after the attacks, and we will not underestimate anything. We will win this battle [but] it won't be easy, and I don't think it will be quick. It will take months, maybe years, and require all of our strength, all of our determination and resources necessary to win this historic challenge. In striking France, the terrorists had struck at all of humanity.”

16.  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attacks calling them despicable.

The world must put a blanket on the ISIS fire wherever it is located and snuff it out forever.

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