Sunday, November 22, 2015

Attention GOP Naysayers, Obama Haters, Narrow-minded Bigots, Chickenhawks

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Reference the above map which was taken from this fine article here. A very good site with this headline:

“The three step plan to crush ISIS: Former UK military chief LORD WEST reveals how to rid the Middle East of the terror group now threatening to bring chaos to the world”

My summary here is primarily for the GOP naysayers here at home who say we aren’t doing enough – just blame the refugees and worsen their plight and oh yes, send more American ground troops (that’s the ticket they profess).

Air strikes and bombing so far by Coalition (and Russian) forces against ISIS

Code: (1) Black: ISIS controlled areas; (2) Red Stripes: Contested areas; (3) Blue Dots: Coalition Airstrikes; and (4) Red Dots: Russian Airstrikes

US:  3,500                            NETHERLANDS:  225  RUSSIA: 400
AUSTRALIA:  130             BRITAIN:  350                    
CANADA:  130                   FRANCE:  300

What specifically does the GOP candidates for president want to combat ISIS, um ...

Lot's of criticism (as usual) but few specifics ... a "just trust us to do the right thing once we win office." Yeah, right.

More on that aspect here. Check it out. 

BTW: We've heard it all before, maybe not as loud or radical or downright insane as a Donald T-rump and Dr. Ben Carson, and most of the others running, but does sound familiar: Be scared, just trust us, we are your salvation and we alone have the answers.

Their real message is fear and hype ... so .... it's up to you:

Thanks for stopping by ... and as always, stay tuned. We have a long way to go.

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