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UPDATE RE: Latest Asinine Donald J.[erk] T-rump Remark and GOP Silence

T-rump Spoke in Las Vegas (October 8, 2015) - His Remarks Drew Cheers

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
(Still going through UCMJ Process)

Updated:  This is potentially big (and good) news for Sgt. Bergdahl as reported from ABC news about the on-going military review of his case. Special attention is directed to the T-rump camp for his previous remarks cited below following this update. The specifics of this update are these key points:

1.  The Army officer who presided over Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's preliminary hearing last month has recommended that he should not face any jail time or a punitive discharge for charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, the sergeant's lawyers said.

2.  According to Bergdahl's defense team, the officer has also recommended that Bergdahl's case should proceed to a lower level court martial that limits a maximum penalty for convictions to a year in prison. A four star general will review the officer’s recommendation and determine how Bergdahl's case will be handled.
3.  Bergdahl's civilian attorney Eugene Fidell confirmed to ABC News that Lt. Col. Mark Visger “recommended that the charges be referred to a special court-martial and that a punitive discharge and confinement would be inappropriate given all the circumstances.”
4.  Special Court Martial review cases that would equate to misdemeanors in the civilian system and limit maximum punishments to one year of jail time, a reduction in rank, and a bad conduct discharge.

5.  Under a General Court Martial, Bergdahl could face a maximum life sentence for the charge of misbehavior before the enemy and five years jail time if convicted of desertion

I wonder based on this whether Mr. T-rump rested well or will eat normally - since he advocated Sgt. Bergdahl being executed w/o due process - see below.

In a word: Donald J. Trump is a despicable human being and should be nowhere near the Oval Office or DOD as the country's CINC.

ORIGINAL POST FROM HERE:  This headlines from ABC News via the AP report is stunning: 

Donald Trump Says Bowe Bergdahl Should Have Been Executed

T-rump (the name I call him) once again opens his yap and inserts not one, but both feet. He implies by this remarks (see below) that we should have summarily executed Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for the crime his is charged with but NOT yet tried and convicted of.

I can't even begin to image a presidential candidate saying something that stupid, let alone that callous about anyone and especially about soldier still in uniform and still on active duty awaiting the military judicial process to complete its work (the UCMJ).

I am stunned by his remarks but I am just as astonished by the silence from the GOP about T-rump, their leading (right now) candidate in the polls. Yes, that GOP: the party who professes to be the party of justice and constitutional law and legal processes ... their silence is stunning to say the least.

Here is a bit of what Mr. T-rump said in Las Vegas:

We're tired of Sgt. Bergdahl, who's a traitor, a no-good traitor, who should have been executed.”
He was speaking to a rowdy rally inside a packed Las Vegas theater at the casino-hotel Treasure Island.
T-rump then said: “Thirty years ago, he would have been shot.”
Now a bit of irony for the GOP (and other) history buffs who might read this post.
FYI: The last and only American soldier to ever be executed for desertion since the Civil War was Pvt. Eddie Slovik, who was the bravest soldier that one World War II veteran says he ever encountered. That man was a witness to the execution speaks out in this article and said in part: World War II veteran Nick Gozik says that the bravest soldier he encountered during two years of combat was the one he saw executed for desertion.  

That soldier proved to be the only one of more than 20,000 convicted deserters during that war to suffer the death penalty. The last deserter to be executed had been during the Civil War. There have been no others.
T-rump favors summary execution [Summary execution: An execution in which a person is accused of a crime and immediately killed without benefit of a full and fair trial. This includes show trials, but is usually understood to mean capture, accusation, and execution all conducted during a very short span of time] something like this the world saw in 1968 in Vietnam (the time I was about to start my second infantry combat tour). 
The image (here - warning graphic) speaks for itself and story here:
Is that what Mr. Trump was advocating ... sure seems like it. 

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