Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Hit Song and Top 10: Drones Across the World Duck!! What Duck???

New Warfare Weapon: Saves Friendly Lives, Take Bad Guys Lives
(or so the script says)

Absolutely excellent article - seems to be very factual, historically correct and timely.

I wanted post a good eye-opening extract ... so, maybe this one fits that bill taken from the article (which I have to say is very extensive and quite long) – thus my choice would be this: the actual introduction to the article:

“The Obama administration has portrayed drones as an effective and efficient weapon in the ongoing war with al-Qaeda and other radical groups. Yet classified Pentagon documents obtained by The Intercept reveal that the U.S. military has faced “critical shortfalls” in the technology and intelligence it uses to find and kill suspected terrorists in Yemen and Somalia.”

Continue at the link. It is a worthwhile read and as I said, very timely.  

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