Saturday, October 24, 2015

MEMO to Members of Congress Out of Touch (i.e., Most of Them): WTFU

Projected for 2016: $612 billion (veto in place)
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Discretionary Means "Congress Picks and Chooses" 

The GOP is having kittens over Mr. Obama veto on the 2016 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) bill for some $612 billion - citing fear of us “becoming or Mr. Obama making” us weak(er)? Are they insane as shown on the first chart ... actually we spend on defense more than the top 10 or so countries of which 8 are our allies and ones we sell military hardware to also, which keeps as Ike once stated: “The MIC in top shape.” We produce and sell and use more military stuff than the whole world and yet we see our members of congress complain... 

Here is what Mr. Obama said when he vetoed the bill - it is very short but his words have meaning... just not for the hard-nosed, hard-liner GOP – they are having fits about:

More charts are linked below. I didn't want to clutter this post with more charts ... so please enjoy the research yourself. 

I am always on DOD's side for a lot of valid reasons, but even high ranking members of DOD and cabinet know we spend too much for what we truly want and need ... sadly, a lot of people in Congress only measure what they think we “need” or what they “want” (designed mostly for their own political survival).

Thanks for stopping by. This issue and fight is only beginning. Stay tuned.

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