Friday, October 2, 2015

JEB Bush and Latest Mass Shooting: Voice of the GOP — Seems So

"Hey, stuff happens..." (his words not mine)...

Realism: American Terrorism Deaths vs. Gun Deaths
(Right after President Obama challenged the media to provide a chart)
[click image for larger view]

JEB Bush again sticks his foot in his mouth re: the recent shooting in Oregon and pretty much cites the mantra for the entire GOP: “Stuff happens.”

Plus, with all the guns in the U.S. the GOP still sticks by one unifying line: “We need to arm everyone to stop gun violence” – thus they imply, we need more guns, not less.

On top of all the NRA pandering (for money and votes) the entire GOP body of lawmakers practically in unison spout right on cue after these horrible mass shooting: "Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and we pray for them."

I say, until when? The NEXT TIME? 

I subscribe to the words of President Obama, along with a ton of other rational voice and say: “How about writing common sense gun laws and praying for passage. That would be a first.

The chart above is stark – again, reinforcing the GOP line: “We need to fight terrorism there to keep ourselves safe here.” Yet, all the while we are not safe here – not one bit – how pathetically ironic is that?

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