Saturday, October 31, 2015

ISIS Again Claims Credit for Disaster While Spreading Fear and Horror

ISIS Again Claims "Victory"

ISIS Kills 4 Kurdish (Peshmerga) Soldiers 
(watch at your own risk)

The headlines is awful news about the Russian airliner disaster (all 224 dead), but the ISIS latest video is worse by any accounts.

ISIS once again claims (see their message above) credit another horrible event. They will claim credit for anything via their extensive PR network. They are masters of the so-called “social network” game and it works to their PR advantage. One key question remains for the world to ask: WHO FUNDS ISIS?

Or as Bob Woodward was told by “Deep Throat” in the Watergate mess: 
“Follow the money.” In other words, how do we cut off their money and then destroy them?

ISIS is the greatest menace since Hitler and Stalin and others of that same ilk. Not only in their methods and growing scope, but their horrible tactics and certainly and sadly in the shocking outcomes and results they proudly show like in the video linked above.

Honestly, the world must unite and wipe them out ... but the U.S. cannot and must not go it alone!!!

Finally, I say again and caution about the video posted above (with the English speaking killer leading the horrible deed):  
                                          WARNING: IT IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

Both of these actions again illustrate to the sane world the main reason ISIS must be eradicated at all cost and on civilization’s terms and not on ISIS terms.

Decent men and women cannot wait much longer to engage and wipe ISIS out - they will only grow bigger and stronger and get worse, even if that is possible.

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