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UPDATE: No Joan of Arc Her Real Focus: "Stay in the Limelight and Get Very Rich"

How Davis Wants the World to See Her
(psst: ain't gonna happen)

Free at lastFree at last. Thank God almighty Free at last.
(she is no MLK either - her freedom may not last long)

How the World Really Sees Her
(along side Mike Huckabee as another PR stunt)

She's As Defiant as Ever

(my editing - it's a keeper)

She's baaaaaack and with a vengeance and new goal (I think and as I said before) and big $$$$ signs in her eyes. The latest from her I think says: “I will win and then run for Gov. of KY.”

Kim Davis blames governor for legal woes

Davis, the Kentucky clerk in the spotlight for not doing her elected job and for contempt of court, now says Gov. Steve Beshear (D-KY) “commandeered” the county clerk's offices and violated her rights. 

Obviously this woman is very sick. I strongly believe that now she is looking for a big, big, big, really big payoff. There is little doubt about that aim. 

Call it more of her core Christian values, right? 

The 40-page court filing can be seen here »

Second Update here MOREHEAD, KY (NBC News) — Clerk Kim Davis returned to work Monday for the first time since being jailed for disobeying a federal judge and she says she was faced with a “seemingly impossible choice” between following her conscience and losing her freedom over denying marriage licenses to gay couples.
With her voice shaking, she said she decided not to interfere with deputy clerks who will continue to hand out the marriage licenses in Rowan County, but Davis declared they would not be authorized by her and she questioned their validity.
In her first day back after a five-day stint in jail, Davis said she was torn between obeying God and a directive from the judge that “forces me to disobey God.” Davis, an Apostolic Christian, believes gay marriage is a sin.
What a shitty statement from Davis: “I'm here before you this morning with a seemingly impossible choice that I do not wish upon any of my fellow Americans: my conscience or my freedom.”
Let’s face it: God made man; man also makes man-made laws everyone must follow regardless of our own personal help religious beliefs. I don’t know, but suspect that God wants us to be good people on Earth regarding Bible beliefs, but written civil laws of all men regardless of whether they follow the Bible or some other book or no book at all. I’m not 100% sure about God’s views on which civil law she must follow or not, but I suspect He wants her to be a well-rounded person on both sides.
But, I suspect there are more than “10” laws we must obey that are carved in two stone tables, too, right Mr. Moses?
This PR stunt she is pulling is way out of hand, so my view is simple: (1) Either she issues the licenses as the law requires for her office, (2) she stops this PR game while in office, (3) she resigns from the elected office she serves in, (4) and then she goes home with a clear conscience and does whatever he does at home or makes the TV and radio talk show circuit and makes millions.
This issue is NOT about her freedom of religion, not one bit – it is her defiance of man-made laws and the courts. Davis also is no candidate for Sainthood, either, although she comes across that way. And, this is not a prelude to the Second Coming that she has to prepare the world via KY for, either. She can have her conscience and fulfill her oath of office, or she can resign. I wish the KY legislature would impeach and remove her – but that could take years and just be silly in the end anyway.
As for me, like I suspect for millions of others, I am sick and tired of Kim Davis’ cheap and quite frankly silly religious stunts. 
Original Post Starts Here:  This story is so typical of what the hell is wrong with our society today measured anyway one chooses to measure what the hell is wrong with our society today. That is the media focus for constant public attention on a “reality show” kind of format with stars and wannabe stars seeking more and more attention. Sadly, we apparently love it and can’t get enough.

Now granted, in some cases some causes are great and worthwhile and commendable, and in fact serve the public and mankind in a worthwhile and positive manner. Not so this case of Kim Davis case, the KY County Clerk who refuses to do her job. Her actions are despicable.

Not to be harsh on her for her religious beliefs or any other belief she may hold, but harsh on her for her failure to fulfill her sworn duty as an elected Country Clerk (i.e., failure to issue marriage licenses to gay couples in defiance of several courts including the U.S. Supreme Court). That defiance is neither smart nor commendable by any measurement, except by those in the Mike Huckabee crowd who seek any issue for any political gain any way possible).

First Update Here MOREHEAD, KY (AP)After a five-day stint in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis will return to work as soon as Friday to face another day of reckoning.

The Apostolic Christian, now a symbol of strong religious conviction to thousands across the globe, would not say whether she would allow licenses to continue to be issued or try to block them once again, defying a federal court order that could send her back to jail.

Tidbits below are what I think are the most important – but read the whole article for full context – these are only my points of interest:

Davis will take a couple of days off from work to spend with her family and will return to work Friday or Monday, according to Charla Bansley, a spokeswoman for Liberty Counsel, the Christian law firm representing Davis. Her statement did not say whether Davis would allow her office to grant licenses.

U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning said he was satisfied that her deputies were fulfilling their obligation to grant licenses to same-sex couples in her absence. But Bunning warned that she could go right back to jail if she interferes with the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples upon her return.

Davis lawyers: “Kim cannot and will not violate her conscience. As for what might happen next. You'll find out in the near future.”

Five of Davis' six deputy clerks - all except her son, * Nathan - agreed to issue licenses to gay couples with Davis behind bars. In lifting the contempt order, Bunning asked for updates on the clerks' compliance every two weeks. (*I say, cite him for contempt and give him a cell next to dear old Mommy).

If Davis orders her deputies not to issue licenses after she returns to work, she would push them into their own thorny legal conundrums: Defy their boss, or a federal judge? Scott Bauries, a law professor at the University of Kentucky, suspects any deputy choosing not to issue licenses could be held in contempt.

Davis, 49, has refused to resign her $80,000-a-year job. Elected as a Democrat, she can lose her post only if she is defeated for re-election or impeached by the state General Assembly.

Katherine Franke, a professor at Columbia Law School, said legislators should find the political will to remove her, since she has ignored her oath of office in favor of her religious conviction and she continued: “The claim she's making is a clear loser. It's a political claim, it's not a legal claim. That's why she lost on the district level and the circuit level and she will continue to lose. She's fighting for justice on the level of religious law. But we don't live in a theocracy.”  

As the late Yogi Berra would quip: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” 

I say, lock her back up and throw away the damn key.

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