Sunday, August 16, 2015

We the People Need Systemic Change to Truly Fix Our Democratic Process

The Three Most-Important Words in the English Language
(they introduce that one sentence of a mere 52 words)

Constant Combat on Thin Ice

I'll post this since there are tons of other places to dig deeper in the subject I want to address which is “The many problems in our democracy” like here, here, here, and here — FYI. 

But, this my short laundry list: 

We are a nation of some 320 million and most of us (adult and voting age primarily I think) believe and agree that when we broke from England that no one likes nor favors royalty for our system.

Yet we still tend to go for more Bushes, Clinton's, Paul's, Romney’s, and a ton of family members taking over family member seats in Congress, at many state and local levels, and many appointed offices as well. Why that disconnect do you suppose? Certainly there are many millions clearly eligible to serve, so why not?

I argue our current system wherein we have tons of big money, lousy and carefully controlled gerrymandering, narrow party nominating process, and lots of slick lobbying, etc. that is all adds up to the poor system we keep sustaining. It is the #1 cause and until that changes nothing positive is apt to follow that we sorely need. Sadly, we the people (that we invoke frequently) lack any positive avenue to make or get any good positive change. That is clear.

That is why those aforementioned people and groups I mentioned keep those rules in place – to obviously favor them and their survival in power.

And, that is why this is their philosophical mascot surrounded by all that green stuff (the common thread [reasonable cause] I strongly believe):

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