Saturday, August 8, 2015

"Things Go Better With Koch" Say the Koch Brothers and Koch Sippers

Admission: Our Soul and Our Country

Introduction: Oligarchy is any control structure in which power effectively rests with a very small number of people typically distinguished by incalculable wealth that allows them to exert tyrannical or religious control over a population.

Aristotle pioneered the term oligarchy as a synonym for “rule by the rich” for which a more modern common term is plutocracy like we use in our American jargon.

Although we were founded as a representative democracy, there have always been a cabal of wealthy industrialists who exerted inordinate power over government. That power was briefly curtailed with FDR and his “New Deal” some 80 years ago. That is a prime motivator why most Republicans and the Koch brothers have been on a heightened crusade to abolish New Deal and have hated it for decades, just like they hate Social Security, Medicare, and now today: Obama-care (the ACA).

The heart of this post lies in the following statement by Charles Koch and this background:
Most Americans are unaware that as whole we are dangerously close to becoming a fully-fledged plutocracy and although corporations, religion, and the financial sector exert a fair amount of influence over government, the true oligarchs running two-thirds of government are in fact, the Koch brothers.

Charles Koch recently claimed that he did not yet have enough, or completely enough power and influence, to have control or take over government because he said, “If I had all this power, why aren’t the many things I want changed getting changed?”

In fact, Koch said it was “ludicrous” that he had too much power because there is no such thing in his mind, and to achieve his goal the Koch’s are willing to spend nearly a billion dollars to achieve the level of power they demand in this election cycle.  

Continue the story here … enjoy.  Finally, this  has more truth than fiction. Believe it:

Thanks for stopping by and BTW: the Koch threat is real. Research them yourself.

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