Sunday, August 30, 2015

NEW GAME IN TOWN: "Trumpeting Lawsuits: Win or Lose Tons of Money"

Plaintiffs: "Give us our money back, you crook...!!!"
Trump's Legal Army: "F**k you...!!! Get lost."
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Eye-catching story from a very excellent investigative reporter: Michael Isikoff  — from the article (my emphasis added) here in part:  

Kathleen Meese, an upstate New York schoolteacher, plunked down $25,000 five years ago for “Gold Elite” courses at Trump University — a for-profit educational outfit owned by Donald J. Trump that promised prospective students it would teach them how to “make a killing” in the real estate market.
“But, Meese later complained to New York state regulators she was conned. Her Trump University instructor — supposedly an “expert” who was “handpicked” by Trump — turned out to be a failed businessman who had filed for bankruptcy and was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, according to court records.
Her Trump University “mentors,” who she was told would counsel her about real estate deals, were unreachable; their phone numbers disconnected, she asserted. Even a promised photo session with Trump never materialized. What she got instead: a photo of herself with “a cardboard cutout” of Trump, she says.
“Donald Trump received $25,000 of my money,” Meese wrote in a sworn affidavit filed with the New York attorney general’s office, reviewed by Yahoo News. “For $25,000, I have a lifetime membership to nothing!
Meese is one of more than 150 former Trump University students whose complaints are the basis for a $40 million lawsuit against Trump brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman
"First filed two years ago and still active, the suit accuses Trump of pocketing $5 million in profits while running “an unlicensed, illegal educational institution” that “intentionally” misled students and engaged in a “pattern of deceptions” that included false advertisements, “bait and switch tactics” and other “misrepresentations and fraudulent practices.”  
This story continues at the link above – it is definitely worth tracking and following until November 2016, earlier perhaps (if resolved), but hopefully not later should it follow T-rump into the W/H – ouch…)!!

Stay tuned for sure.

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