Monday, August 24, 2015

GOP Shot at Planned Parenthood a Million Times All Goose Eggs (Misses)

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood President

Will they Ever Get the Message

The issue about Planned Parenthood caught on tape selling aborted fetus body parts was an extremely hot topic for what, a week or so, and it was presented in an way that angered a lot of people. But it turned out to be another typical GOP-Rightwing-FOX driven dirty trick (stunt) that took the country to the edge of utter nonsense and insanity over what: heavily reedited (doctored) videotapes of PP members supposedly making deals to undercover "journalists." The obvious agenda as it turns out was clear. Yet the GOP-RW-FOX pundits continue to say: “There is no war on women.” Do tell…?? So, how about some honesty from reputable sources, shall we?  

The source article for this piece is here:  More and more medical studies and articles are being released about an issue that should be taken off the table completely. The right for a woman to make her own reproductive choices should be a given. That woman’s right is continuously challenged mostly by (1) misogynistic, (2) anti-choice, and (3) mostly Republican lawmakers.

They seem to have nothing better to do with our tax money. Those same rights are also continuously challenged by religious extremists, who wish to subjugate and control the bodies, minds, and lives of women.

Earlier this year, a Gallup Poll revealed that the majority of American men and women are pro-choice, and the never-ending attacks, especially against Planned Parenthood, a prominent health organization for women and men. This time the attack has to do with fetal tissue.

Several articles in the New England Journal of Medicine have recently been published about the Planned Parenthood controversy. Three medical doctors and a juris doctor have all contributed their expert views and perspectives about fetal tissue research regarding Planned Parenthood. Here are some excerpts from those articles highlighted to emphasize the key point:

That extract was drawn from NEMJ article: Fetal Tissue Fallout, by Alt Charo, J.D.

So, is this done and gone like so many other “no there, there" GOP ginned up issues that seems to crop up weekly in the GOP effort to get another “hot” Hillary campaign killer, or another ruin President Obama forever issue, or another big DEM party a-bomb finisher.

We could list them all day and each ends the same way: As a dead end ... In short: the GOP has no shame. So, are they done – ha – not likely. At least until November 9, 2016 (and if  they lose - Katy Bar the Door).

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