Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Come to U.S. Under False Pretense Have Child Expect No Repercussion

Chinese Baby Business Hotels

This is illegal activity, isn't it? Kind of like fraud made legal by a legal loophole? 

The “birth hotel” business is legal in China, but the tactics for entering the U.S. are not. For example:

1.  The pregnant women are coached about how to lie about their purpose of a visit by listing “tourism” thus making it easier to get a visa and enter the country, technically under false pretenses.

2.  They are also told to hide their pregnancies when going through U.S. immigration and customs to avoid declaration about
traveling here for any kind of medical treatment due to their pregnancy.

Two articles related to this story follow. And, yes, this is a growing and major concern for many reasons and should be our lawmakers to find a fix – whatever that means needs to be done – this problem will only grow and possibly out of control – who can say “that’s okay, keep breaking the law to come here – we won’t blame the child.”

I say close the loophole and if anyone is here illegally or under false pretenses, then the birth of their child resorts to their native country not the U.S.  I know it sounds harsh, but so are their tactics to break the law of the good graces of our country.

Simply stated: come here legally and rightfully so. Then there will be no problems for the parents or their children who are born here. Illegal means just that, doesn’t it: unlawful. And, fraud is fraud, isn't it?

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