Saturday, August 22, 2015

A New Flim-Flam Man Has Arrived in Living Color: What a Show

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Groucho Marx

Let's start this way, shall we with this great quote from Groucho Marx: Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.”

Boy truer words were never spoken, whether by Groucho Marx or anyone else when it comes to watching the Donald J. Trump “Flim-Flam Reality Show,” ala right now. Don’t believe me, then just watch and listen to him.

Background on the analogy that this very good article makes, and I do agree:

Have you made the connection between the Music Man, the Flim Flam Man, Tripping over Trump, and the Iowa State Fair?  Way back when …in 1962, Music Man, the musical, turned up giving us the Flim-Flam man, a salesman extraordinaire, who comes to IOWA to sell a bogus band, a cadre of instruments, stacks of ‘patriotic red’ uniforms of every size and shape, and music lessons transforming the bored kids of River City, Iowa into Suzuki Kid wonders. […] He sells the grown-ups generalities (nothing wrong with that) and points up the sham of the many other Flim-Flam men! He says what he thinks. He promises good times ahead and to love and take care of everybody while making us big and tough in the world once more. Yep, there is nothing wrong with making people feel good. A new day is a comin’ Trump-style!”

That’s my set up – now the “reality” of this new “Trump-sponsored Show” wherein he is the product being sold; the act or gimmick being pitched; nay, it is he himself, the slick salesman selling himself to be hired and not anyone else or not any off-shore bank or mortgage scheme artist, either; just Donald J. Trump (you can shout “You’re fired..!!” at time before you finish this post).

But however you or anyone feels about him, he is the center of attraction, the main event – hell just look at all the free PR even at silly-ass blogs like mine that he gets, 24/7. No wonder he can pledge to spend $1 billion of his own money if need be, the rest of the PR stuff is free. What a deal – that a first rate scheme just like a real life Flim-Flam man, Kevin Trudeau, who hid millions off-shore from his TV schemes.

But, the question is really simple: “Can Trump be elected president, but more importantly, should he?” Some traditionalists will say sure, hell why not. Look at some others we have put in the White House – so, why not a silly billionaire with wild ideas about everyone and who only cares about himself and knows squat about squat to keep the spotlight on, but only on himself?

The proverbial icing on this cake today might very well be this truly excellent piece by Jack Shafer here – his introduction alone is a keeper: “To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, in Donald J. Trump we finally have a presidential candidate who will keep us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”

Finally this short clip from NBC (Meet the Press) shows the kind of man he really is and it matters now how I feel or think or post about him or what millions of others think, either. It will all come down to the process we have in place to see if the man can get the GOP nod and go all the way until November 2016.

I say simply: God, I hope not. At least not to go across the finish line. Imagine the White House being relabeled as another “Trump Tower?” 

Thanks for stopping ... I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have posting it. 

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