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Same Sex Marriage is Lawful: GOP Pushes Bible Fear and Panic Button

Slap Single Moms, i.e., War Widows Who Never Remarried But Raised Children
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Just Stand Against Other People's Rights

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Of all the sour grapes conservatives are chewing over the same-sex marriage ruling, perhaps Ross Douthat’s was the sourest grapes of all. 

While other conservatives moved on to incoherent babbling about “religious liberty,” Douthat used his New York Times column to dig his heels into the argument soundly rejected by Anthony Kennedy’s opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges: that same-sex marriage is somehow an assault on traditional marriage.

Justice Kennedy argued that the case for same-sex marriage “strengthened, not weakened the institution of marriage by affirming that it upholds the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family.”

Douthat, however, remains skeptical, complaining that “approval of divorce, premarital sex, and out-of-wedlock childbearing” is on the rise and that younger Americans, in particular, take “a more relaxed perspective, in which wedlock is malleable and optional, one way among many to love, live, rear kids — or not.” This sense that marriage is optional offends Douthat greatly, as he sees it as an immoral shunning of duty.

This argument, that same-sex marriage somehow undermines “traditional” marriage, never really made sense to many Americans, for good reason. Since conservatives would rarely define what they meant by “traditional”— saying that it’s about a man and a woman and declining to elaborate beyond that — it ended up sounding like they were saying that if gay people were allowed to marry, then straight people would all get divorced or something. This makes conservatives sound like idiots and ended up backfiring on them, helping many fence-sitters to figure if that’s the best they’ve got, then they must have nothing.

In reality, however, there was a subterranean argument that actually is logical and makes perfect sense. It was never just about man-woman marriages. The tradition that is disappearing is the belief that marriage is a duty, especially for women. 

As Douthat argues, Americans are rejecting “the old rules, its own hopes of joy and happiness to chase.” Douthat isn’t wrong on the facts, even if he’s wrong on his assessment of them.  

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