Friday, June 26, 2015

Who's on First, What's on Second, I Don't Know's on Third: WTF

Here is the early GOP line-up. Good luck. I am trying to keep up.
(But about to give up

Perhaps one of the most famous baseball comedy acts to ever take place included the title of this post - it followed the humorous exchange between Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in 1945 - it never gets old.

Now we are in the early stages of the 2016 campaign with a different version of "Who's on First," that is more apropos to best be  labeled not "Who's on First" but rather who is first and that too is a matter of serious conjecture.

This is a very good rundown from the NY Times here. It is quite long and extensive and pretty comprehensive even at this early stage of our public disgust (my hunch).

Check it out and get a score card or one of those famous Karl Rove easels like this one. Better have plenty of chalk and erasers on hand - you're gonna need plenty. 

Added for humor about a serious topic (natch on Fox, too)

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