Sunday, June 7, 2015

Interrogative: Why GOP is Strongly Anti-Immigrant and Positive Reform

GOP View of Immigrants: "No papers, no entrance. Now Get Out...!!!"

Some background info here  from back in February – remember these circumstances?

In a high-drama, down-to-the-wire immigration standoff that could have cut off funding for the Department of Homeland Security, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell got a proposal passed that compromised (yeah, that nasty word) to end the crisis. However, it had one fatal flaw: It made too much sense. Call it a WTF moment for the Grand Old Poops.
However, it is also sad and unfortunate for the country, when it comes to immigration. Why? Because in a nutshell, the GOP far-right conservatives stopped making sense a long time ago. These days, they only care about making a fuss by bashing immigrants and any decent logical rational immigration reform.  Call it their “boot 'em out policy.”
Continue your research on this critical subject and some of the view expressed in this fine article here, like these:
1.  Ann Coulter said, in part: “… in its analysis, Gallup neglected to mention a key factor that could explain the entire apparent shift in attitudes regarding immigration. “Of course, this is a result of immigration. Liberals haven’t changed anyone’s mind. They couldn’t win elections with Americans, so they brought in ringers.”
2.  Phyllis Schlafly then chimed in: “The polls don’t reflect the ‘changing’ attitudes of Americans; the polls reflect the attitudes of our changing population. Obama has admitted millions of people who simply reject traditional American social norms. All the changes reported by Gallup can be attributed to the recent unprecedented immigration."
3.  Michele Bachmann, yeah, old Batshit Crazy herself noted how the concept of assimilation has gone by the wayside, saying in part: “Immigrants from Third-World nations aren’t expected to learn American values norms or culture, much less the English language.”  
My analysis is simple: The GOP views are quite frankly sick, twisted, and ironic since more than 90% of all Americans and our ancestors WERE IMMIGRANTS ... so, how nutty is the GOP on this issue. I’d have to say – very nutty. 
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