Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How Many in Congress? Easy Peasy: 535 (House: 435 and Senate: 100)

Okay a simpler question: How many Weasels are in Congress ... not so easy and since I do not have an exact count, I'd have to say: All those who don't agree with Rep. McGovern and his great analogy above. 

Why is that, do you suppose? Especially in light of the fact that members of Congress always talk about being "a responsible citizen, or being held accountable for one's actions, etc., or standing up like a man (or woman) and taking the flack or medicine for one's decisions. Isn't that what government service is supposed to be about? I think so. They even talk about holding the President accountable. 

So, why do members of congress duck the obvious easy question: "Why not vote for or against more war and be held accountable yourself?"

Oh, that's too easy: They don't want to be blamed later for the proverbial shït hitting the proverbial fan when war turns sour as is often the case. That might cause a bit of turmoil for them in their reelection strategy don't cha' think? They seem to love to blame others for their errors and mistakes and quirks, but not them - may I suggest a glance in the nearest mirror and learn how to spell hypocrite.

It is funny, but not in a "ha-ha" funny kind of way how they preach to the public about accountability and being responsible and such, yet they duck on the most, perhaps ultimate most-critical vote they would ever take while in office: "Yes or no to take the country to war and if so why, and if no, why not."

That's wasn't too hard now was it?

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