Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gun Rights: Open Carry — With or Without Permit and Consequences

What are gun nuts afraid of? Oh yeah, losing their guns 

Texas Now in the Green Zone (as it were)
(Handguns in plain view in belt or shoulder holsters in public)

Shot up police car in Dallas (story below)

June 13, 2015: From Texas with their wide-open carry mentality this situation: 

DALLAS (AP) — Multiple gunmen toting automatic weapons opened fire outside Dallas Police HQ before fleeing in what witnesses described as an armored van. Police had conflicting accounts to immediately ID how many shooters there were or the motive. No injuries were reported. The suspects parked in front of the building located south of downtown and began firing.  One suspect driving said he blames police for losing custody of his son. Gunmen also said explosives were in the van and it appeared the van was outfitted with gun ports on the sides. SWAT was on the scene.

Updated (a few hours after incident began):  A police sniper shot a cornered suspect, self-identified as James Boulware.  Authorities were checking Saturday to see if he was alive or dead. Investigators also found a package containing pipe bombs near the HQ building and the suspect told police negotiators that he had “C-4” explosives in the van. The police were using a camera-equipped robot to inspect the van and to try to determine if the suspect was alive or dead. Investigators believe the man acted alone, even though early witness reports suggested there could have been as many as four attackers, but the suspect apparently moved quickly during the attack, which may have given the impression that others were involved. Cellphone video shot from a balcony or roof near the HQ building showed the suspect's dark-colored van ram a squad car as gunshots ring out. Nobody except for the suspect was shot or injured during the hours-long confrontation.

Open carry laws - gun rights taken to the absurdity - with more aftermath like this. 

More guns do not mean more safety - it means more shooting like this ... yes, one man, but he was heavy armed it seems, but just carrying out his rights against government, or to "defend" and protect himself against what, I ask? 

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