Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tragic Event, But More Tragic: GOP Reacts by Cutting Amtrak Funding

Amtrak Wreck Near Philly

Need another valid reason to despise the GOP with their meat axe budget cuts? Then look no further than here to see how they reacted to this recent tragedy. Kinda pathetic isn't it? 

From the story here, this in part:

But just because the accident struck close to home does not mean Congress will increase an already shrunken budget for transportation. Just hours after the derailment, which claimed at least seven lives and left scores more injured, the House Appropriations Committee held an uncomfortably timed markup of its annual transportation spending bill and moved forward with a $250 million cut from last year’s Amtrak funding of approximately $1.3 billion.
Democrats urged Republicans to keep the accident in mind as the hearing progressed and members debated how much the government should contribute to modernizing and repairing transportation infrastructure, including Amtrak.
“The bill does not provide funding to address the capital needs required for safety,” said Rep. David Price (D-NC), who is the ranking member of the transportation subcommittee of the powerful appropriations panel.
GOP Approach to Common Sense Spending
Price called for a new budget agreement with higher spending levels because, without such a deal, transportation programs would continue to be as he says, “… a victim of the majority’s self-imposed austerity.”  
I note: Mr. Price is 100% correct, and I would also add: Shame on the GOP – shame on them.

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