Monday, May 18, 2015

Birds of a Feather, yada, yada, and A-Holes: All Flock Together

Walker: birdbrain for sure or as we used to say "Shit bird" (USMC lingo)

Jindal: a bit of anchor baby, birdbrain, shit bird, and plain hypocrite

Walker first:  It is well known how anti-Union, anti- public employee, and anti-women Scott Walker is and his polices in WI show it ... but this little tidbit from him awhile back just about takes the proverbial cake. From his campaign plea, the perfect Christmas gift: "[for] ... you to buy for your children this year – his reelection fund."  This is not a joke. In his fundraising email, he says (dated December 2, 2013):
Instead of electronics or toys that will undoubtedly be outdated, broken, or lost by the next Holiday Season, help give your children the gift of a Wisconsin that we can all be proud of
And then he continues on to let you know that donations of "$5, $10 or $25" will help. The donation sentence and link is repeated twice. It’s all pretty amazing. Almost unbelievable, except that there it is – they’ve got the email, and you can read the whole thing..

Now Jindal:  "We are not African-Americans, we are not Asian-Americans, we are not Indian-Americans,” Jindal (R-LA) said to roaring applause at the SC Freedom Summit in Greenville recently.  Even as he tours the early primary states for a likely presidential bid, his disdain for “hyphenated Americans” has become a central part of his campaign.  He took it up a notch in Greenville, referencing the use of hyphenated identities in his claim that President Barack Obama “tries to divide us by race”

Right now Mr. Jindal needs a "Rick Perry oops moment" to recover … Mr. Anchor baby Jindal, and yes, he is an anchor baby by any definition – if in doubt ask any GOPer what an anchor baby is, they will tell you it's a pregnant woman who comes here with her hubby for whatever reason (Jindal's parents were grad students from India) and who are not Americans. She has a baby, the baby becomes U.S. citizen automatically, then parents try later to become citizens.  That was Jindal.

But the real Bobby (Bobby is his reel name) Jindal hypocrisy oozes out this way and carefully documented:

1.  Not long ago, Jindal embraced his hyphenated identity, using it to boost his quick ascent up the political ladder. For example while in Congress (as GOP Rep) he co-sponsored a resolution to recognize the accomplishments of the “Indian American” community.

2.  He regularly spoke proudly of his heritage as an Indian-American during media interviews and embraced the term for years as he raised millions of dollars in campaign cash from the Indian-American community.

3.  Even as a former Assistant Secretary HHS in the George W. Bush administration, Jindal began his rise to elected office in 2003 with his first bid for LA governor. During that campaign, he raised money from Indian-American-organized fundraisers in NY and Washington. At a fundraiser in Georgetown, Jindal thanked the crowd, saying he was “especially grateful to the Indian-American community because with your support we’ll be able to go on television,” as reported to and according to India Abroad.

Two birds with the same feathers for sure and both not ready for prime time in the White House.
Not merely my opinion – but based on facts and facts should matter. After all, we are talking character here, which it is obvious they both lack a great deal of.

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