Sunday, March 8, 2015

Waste Time, Money, Ignore Facts, Pander for Votes: /s/ the GOP

Sustaining Tragedy for Political Gain
(Hell, why not, eh)

The Hillary Clinton "email" flap (I refuse to call it "email-gate") as it were is not about good open and transparent government. That ship already sailed. Nay, this is about GOP gain for 2016 by any method or tactic known to man kind. Feed the base, keep frenzy alive and hammer till it hurts.

So, I I begin this with a simple direct question: Why does the GOP persist that there is something sinister “there, there” about Clinton and Benghazi?

This is especially true in light of the record, cost to date, and fact that now the GOP has agreed to spend $3 million to set up and run the “Benghazi Select Committee” (Rep. Harold W. "Trey" Gowdy (R-SC), chairman). I ask that because there is a long public record of the many previous GOP-run Congressional investigations that already cost the government millions in dollars and in lost productivity this way:

1.  Eight congressional committees (see list below) participated in the investigations into the Benghazi tragedy.
2.  There have been more than 50 senior level staff briefings.
3.  Some 13 public hearings.
4.  At least three independent-bipartisan reports.
5.  Dozens of interviews.
6.  Disclosure of more than 25,000 pages of documents.
[reported on by Reuters5/5/2014 and Politico5/4/14]

DOD also reported that those efforts have cost the taxpayers millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours and got what? Nothing to show any cover up by anyone in the Obama administration or under Clinton at State. [reported on by the AP3/25/14]

Those 8 committees:

1.  The Independent State Department Accountability Review Board,
2.  The Senate Intelligence Committee,
3.  The Senate Armed Services Committee,
4.  The House Intelligence Committee,
5.  The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee,
6.  The House Armed Services Committee,
7.  The House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform,
8.  The House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Based on the results I raise this Question: How many of those committees uncovered any evidence, even an ounce of proof that blames Mr. Obama or the White House, or Mrs. Clinton in the State Department, or any DEM cover-up and wrong doing of any kind?

Short Answer: None, Nada, Nil, Nothing, Naught, Zero, Zilch, Zip-a-Rooney, Goose Egg, Total Blank …  

Last Question: How come the current GOP does not trust the previous GOP and all their probes and actions that looked into the Benghazi tragedy that compels them to keep digging? 

Oh, hell, that. Politics as usual to win in 2016? Check, got it. Never mind. Carry on.

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