Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Weasels in Austin, Texas and Low-down Elsewhere, Too

Spotted at Several Places in Austin, which also happens to be the Capital of Texas - ouch 

First this story about a middle school vice principal in California was put on paid administrative leave after a video surfaced of him saying, “I just don’t like the black kids.”

Then sprinkle in the so-called “wars: on the poor, the homeless, low-income workers, women, and yes, even a lot of public service employees and their Unions, and the massive movement to  privatize just about everything in sight – why?

But, in all honesty, government is not a business and certainly not in for a profit. I’d want to make that clear right up front. Some things can be privatized, sure, I agree, but it’s like situational ethics or situational leadership: Everything cannot be private hands – who decides the best route. My first hunch is “we the people” as corny as that sounds. Our fate is in our hands.

Now there we go again with the GOP in control of Congress we see them ramp up the “war on the poor” part as part of their search for a decent budget – Paul Ryan philosophy: blame the poor for being poor, but leave the top crust alone. Sadly that message puts them in the winner’s seat depending on how the word “win” is defined.

My view on that are straight forward and based on my own life experiences:  

  • Hunger for a child is not an option;
  • Being homeless normally not a choice;
  • Holding two or three low-income and part time jobs (no benefits or health care) is not the American dream;
  • Living at or below the poverty line while on food stamps and other public assistance is  demeaning and degrading;
  • Being long-term unemployed is no way to live and raise a family. 
For anyone anywhere to think that a person chooses to be poor, hungry, cold, and homeless, then may I recommend they try living that way for awhile and then report back to us – say after 6 months or so, or longer – then the impact will roost with them just those proverbial chickens coming home.

Now to the heart of this photo:

It shows Tealla Dilka, along with her husband Will, and 18-month-old son David. They “lived” on that asphalt underneath the 16th Street bridge in Boise, Idaho (photo was from June 25, 2014). That city has been taking steps since to limit people from “camping” (actually homeless people don’t “camp” per se – they try to survive) in public areas. (Photo taken by Kyle Green from "The Idaho Statesman").  And, on top all that, out comes this story from MSNBC here in part - the sticker above:

Stickers reading “Exclusively for White People” were hung in several businesses this week throughout the eastern part of Austin, Texas. City officials are calling it an act of vandalism, and searching for the culprits. The decals also read: A “maximum of 5 colored customers/colored BOH [back of house] staff accepted,” and noted a sponsorship from the City of Austin Contemporary Partition and Restoration Program. They also include the logo for the City of Austin.

Race relations in the U.S. I’d have to say since Mr. Obama took office – pretty crappy, and that is sad. A lot of us thought we were way past that era… perhaps not.

I don't know if you agree or not, but the evidence is compelling, isn't it?

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