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GOP Budget Time: Two Plans, Two Routes, Two-Faced, and Too Harsh

The Past: Rep. Paul Ryan Plan: Yeah, sure, it might work...
(now back from the grave)

GOP Holmes Still Looking for Solutions 

The Ultimate Adviser

What the GOP Wants Us All to Feel
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Yep, it's that time again and this GOP has control in both Houses of Congress to play their sill-ass games with the budget, so hang on tight. Here we go:

WASHINGTON (March 17, 2015) – Happy St. Pats Day — House Republicans today are unveiling a 10-year budget blueprint they say will cut $5.5 trillion in spending and help create a budget surplus by 2026 promising that the cuts and reductions are not draconian. This blueprint does however, pick up on the budget where Rep. Paul Ryan left off with his budget before that he called: “The Path to American Prosperity” which a lot of us renamed to: “Blame the Poor for Being Poor.” 

Some the same old points they are pushing again include:

1.  It again (for the umpteenth time) calls for repeal of the ACA (Obama-care). (NOTE: that would leave over 14 million now enrolled out in the cold with no coverage, or and if they had a plan, with sky-rocket premiums, and even the insurance industry says now keep the law).

2.  Completes a total tax overhaul that raises no new taxes. (NOTE: but keeps Bush tax cuts for the upper crust).

3.  Has a fundamental transformation of Medicare to a premium support (voucher) system that would allow future retirees to purchase insurance from private companies.

The top challenge this year will be reconciling the impending across-the-board spending cuts,  sequestration, with overwhelming support for greater defense spending not cuts the country is facing since no budget deals have been made since the failures in 2011. 

NOTE: Over in the GOP-run Senate report from the Hill: They will not include detailed plans to overhaul entitlement programs when they unveil their first budget in nearly a decade this week.

The House GOP budget maintains the $523 billion defense spending cap for fiscal year 2016, but gradually increases defense spending over the next decade by $387 billion. That is likely to be met by stiff opposition from defense hawks who profess the cuts and spending caps put national security at unacceptable risks.

House Armed Services is also calling for more defense spending than allowed under current law, including every senior military officer – most who recently testified before Congress saying in essence that the across-the-board automatic cuts are harmful to U.S. military interests worldwide, e.g., those the military faces in balancing state threats, such as Russia, and non-state threats from ISIS. Reconciling fiscal and national security concerns will be a tough job for Republicans. They face political pressure to approve the first joint Republican budget resolution in a decade, and with Democratic lawmakers uniformly opposed, they will have to do so with solely GOP votes.

My experience in government budgeting always included some of these rock-solid principles:

Spending must be prudent, smart, wise, not wasteful, and always needed and necessary and not in the good or nice to have category. Those are rock-solid imperative that are needed, affordable (the best deal), and meets national security and general good of the public. The pain, if any must be shared by all with no special projects or pet projects or giveaways as some kind of favors. Then the critical question is always: How to pay for it.

It’s not the spending, per se, instead it’s how much and where the spending will be made. Pet projects should go first, then nonsense spending ($100 hammers, $500 toilet seats), but never unwise and ill-conceived national defense cuts.

It is a bit ironic that the GOP always says in time of war like now: “Listen to our military commanders.”  Ha – what a phony crock. In reality, the GOP does not practice what they preach, as they dish out more and tax goodies to the top crust hoping for jobs. 

So, go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. Prove I am wrong. I’ll listen. Hint: You can’t. The facts can’t be disputed and they don’t favor the Grand Old Party.

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