Monday, March 30, 2015

Does ACA (Obama-care) Cover GOP Mental Health Pre-Condition

Hard to Dispute this Isn't It???
(Seen on the Colbert Report)

GOP Takes a Page from FDR
(LOL LOL Guffaw)

Introduction: A few tell-tale signs of GOP mental illness (over the years) (a few more below):

(1)  Denial: Humans did not evolve.
(2)  Denial Double Down: Obama is not a native-born American Christian.
(3)  Delusional: Climate is not changing and if so, not human caused.
(4)  Hallucinations Galore: God ordained me to run and be President.
(5)  Disordered Thinking:  Being for small government and big business but mandating a
woman’s health care is okay.
(6)  Anti-social Behavior: Being against most women’s rights; gays and their rights; minority voting rights; anyone without big fat trust.
(7)  Sexual Preoccupation: A fixed and fervent compulsion to control when we can mate with whom and how.

Conservative media is a fear-based industry without doubt.

That statement is no surprise, yet it is a carefully crafted messages are blasted over the airwaves and in print wherein most Republicans believe that President Obama is the most immediate threat to the country (worse than Putin, Assad, or even ISIS to hear their comparisons).

Their massage is clearly anti-Obama dealing about him being a threat to us is delivered daily and hourly (and even on repeated and the "best of "shows on the weekend), on almost all conservative websites, Talk Shows, and especially from the  hate industry leader: FOX News.

Spreading fear of and about our first black president has become a very productive and good-paying industry with a lot of people earning tons of money by scaring Republican listeners (e.g., Limbaugh and Hannity to name two who are well-paid and effective in their nasty daily messages).

The reality is that most Republicans, namely the conservative and ultra-conservative TEA bases, are terrified of Mr. Obama - the President who signed into law a bill that lowers the cost of health care (CBO says so, to); saved the economy from a 1929 style depression that started in 2008 (just before he took office); and actually has cut taxes for millions of Americans; and oh yes, got bin-Laden.

If any Republican president had accomplished those tasks, conservatives would be calling for him to be added to Mount Rushmore, but their fear trumps logic along with common sense and decency of or about Mr. Obama. 

The good he has done is never talked about and seldom mentioned and any are, the GOP puts a negative spin on them as well, like: Yes, health care is important, but it costs too damn much. Um … do they remember the cost before the ACA?  They truly suffer from selective memory loss or I’d have to say a failure to remember. The sad part, Republicans also spread terror about what Mr. Obama might do, like:.

  • Obama is creating death panels.
  • Obama is coming for your guns.
  • Obama was not born in America.
  • Obama has a chip on his shoulder.
  • Obama hates white people and white America.
  • Obama is telling you what you can and can’t do.
  • Obama will steal our freedoms and liberty for Islam.
These are the kinds of messages we have heard even before he was sown in to office on January 20, 2009 and worse now that he won a second term despite Mitch McConnell’s pledge to make him a “one-term president.”

Worse, the Republican base believes this stuff and they joyfully elect people with those same views. It is safe to say that Republican fear of President Obama has become their collective mental disorder. That is the major reason very little gets done in Washington as Republicans tell him to cooperate and reach out to them all the while they disregard those words.

This is a medical fact but with no known Rx for the cure.

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