Tuesday, March 24, 2015

By Far, Hands Down, Ässhølë of the Century - Maybe Forever

Whew  boy - what a jerk - par excellence

The only person who could possibly top top this story would be either Sad Sack Sarah Palin who can see Russia from her home, or Dark Dick Cheney explaining how we would only be in the Iraq war a few weeks, certainly not longer, or how to enjoy quail hunting with your friends after a few beers .... snicker, snicker, snort, snort, guffaw.

How can anyone ever ever trust Cruz after this headlines - it surely takes your breath away and no, not a story from Onion, either (and I love Onion):

Ted Cruz to sign up for government health care

Oh, my gawd - the story: Cruz previously had a health plan through his wife Heidi and her job at Goldman Sachs. But the family will lose that coverage when she takes a leave of absence to campaign full-time. That will put the Cruz family into a situation familiar to millions of other American families: How to figure out what to do when you can no longer get coverage through work.

A Rick Perry “oops” would fit here nicely. His solution: SIGN UP FOR OBAMA-CARE A GOLDEN WTF MOMENT FOR SURE..!!!

So, like some 11.7 million other Americans before him, he appears to have settled on the Obama-care exchanges as his answer.

Now watch the tap dancing really begin …. I predict one of two scenarios will likely follow: (1) the Limbaugh crowd types will either praise him for his logic and honestly, or they (3) will turn on  him and eat him for supper for being a turn coat.  

Either way, it should be a hoot.

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