Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Will the USSC Protect the ACA's Insured and Poor or Political Stunts

Especially on the Wrong Side of Healthcare 

The Right Side Message for the USSC

This story is worth following since it has a different slant seen here, in part:

Insurance Companies to USSC: Please help protect us from going broke and out of business!!

In an early warning of what will happen if the Supreme Court backs a legal attack on the Affordable Care Act, the American Academy of Actuaries sent a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Sylvia Burwell on Tuesday asking Burwell’s department to permit insurers to raise premiums if the justices vote to defund much of the law. According to the letter, a decision against Obama-care threatens many insurance companies from  becoming “insolvent,” unless they are able to raise premiums in the wake of such a decision. Needless to say, if an insurer becomes insolvent, that endangers its customers’ ability to pay for their health care.

King v. Burwell is the lawsuit seeking to cut off tax credits that enable many people to pay for health insurance in close to three dozen states. Should this lawsuit succeed, millions of Americans will become uninsured and an estimated 9,800 will die every year.

Actually, Burwell may not even get a day in court since some legal experts say they "have no standing" as discussed here (NY TIMES)... um ... well, alrighty then, stay tuned.

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