Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pictures Worth a Lot Minus Rational Logic: People Stand and Gawk

A picture is worth a thousand words
Logical Meaning

Picture When Nazis Entered a City: People Stand and Gawk

Picture When ISIS Enters a City: People Stand and Gawk 

In the two photos above we see people standing and watching with a sense of helplessness. Likewise in both cases, then and today, both scenes are just as bad as results have shown. That is what the Nazis relied on in WWII and that is what ISIS relies on today: Fear and death wherever they operate.

The time for standing and gawking is over, so a bit of good news here at home with this headline story from MSNBC and the ongoing military action by Jordan as they seek revenge for the horrible death of their pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, who was being held by ISIS.

Feds charge 6 with terrorism-related crimes involving ISIS links

Six people are facing terrorism-related charges involving links to ISIS, according to a federal indictment unsealed Friday (February 6, 2015). Federal prosecutors said a St. Louis man went to join the terror network in 2013, and is believed to have died.

The six defendants were charged with conspiracy and providing material support to that man. All are natives of Bosnia, and five of them immigrated to the United States and were arrested as part of a federal sting. The sixth suspect remains overseas.

This article originally appeared at NBC and it has more specific information on the defendants.

So, overall, good job up to this point, however, other reports say several hundred “Westerners” are in Syria and other places on passports that would enable them to enter the U.S. very freely. Let’s hope our networks wherever they are and by whatever name or label are able to ID and snag them before they enter U.S. territory. Let’s fact it, it only takes a few to do great damage (i.e., McVeigh/Nichols in Oklahoma (April 1995), or the 19 hijackers on 911).

Thus, the operative words are be prepared and stay vigilant, and do whatever it takes re: manpower, money, and equipment to prevent any homeland attacks.

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