Saturday, February 21, 2015

ISIS and al-Qaeda ME Terrorist Threat — Different Threat Here at Home

Charles and David Koch
(Massive Amount of Money: Real Threat)

Call this post one based on a paradox that says what these two buttons say or it could be the red pill or the blue pill choice we saw in the Matrix – same difference – same analogy:

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True or False? I prefer "right and wrong"

Let us not lose sight of the influence of the massive amount of big money in the last several White House and Congressional campaigns, dating back a few years – namely, 2010 to date.

Billions from a handful of billionaires, all with one goal: Own America for their own greedy purpose.

Right up front I say this very factual statement: We Americans for the most part are hypocrites to speak one way about how we cherish our rights, our form of democracy (representative democracy where the people are the voice), and our guaranteed freedoms and liberties, and we turn right around and tolerate or in fact, allow, massive amounts of big money as I said, in the hand of a few to set the agenda, design the course, and try and take us 180 degrees in the opposite direction – the direction they want – and not necessarily the one we want.

TWO “LEADERS” OF THAT PAC (or PACK) are Charles and David Koch – two conservative titans of industry who have infamously used their vast wealth to undermine President Obama and fight legislation they detest, such as the cap-and-trade climate bill, the health care law, the economic stimulus package, or bills they love like the Keystone XL pipeline. 

For years, these two billionaires have made extensive political donations to Republican candidates across the country and have provided millions of dollars to astro turf right-wing organizations and also here.

LATELY and as demonstrated at their most recent retreat in Southern California a few weeks ago, they along with some 450 of their donor-allies announced plans to spend $889 million over the next two years to influence state and federal elections and shape the national discourse.

The money would go to bankrolling political activity, funding think tanks and academic research, and fueling grassroots organizing efforts around the country — all in support of the Kochs' pro-business, free-market-centrist ideology that as I said is for total control of the country as their own.  

Some say, hey, it’s their right – it’s their money and the highest court in the land says they can give all they want. Err .. that’s the point.

A point best stated by former Justice John Paul Stevens in his dissent as the court narrowly passed Citizens United in 2010: “This ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions across the Nation. The path the Court has taken to reach its outcome will, I fear, do damage to this institution.”   

So, what really happened to We, the People on our way to preserving democracy, the system we all say we cherish. Oops.

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