Wednesday, February 11, 2015

GOP Now B&E Experts Who Travel in Three's in the Dark of Night

A Modern-Day "Watergate" B&E

This Cartoon as They Say: NAILS IT ...

The new Mitt Romney was running and had cast himself as a champion of the poor and the underdog.  He signaled to a group of Republicans in San Diego, just before he later dropped out, that he would run a markedly different campaign should he run for a third time in 2016, saying in part: “I believe in the post-Obama era we need to stand for safety and for opportunity for all people, and we have to stand for helping lift people out of poverty. I’m giving some serious consideration to the future. But this I know - we can win in 2016 ... if we communicate a clear vision of where we’re taking this country.”

Of course he lamented income inequality and the “scourge of poverty” – which as we all recall is a marked shift in emphasis for a tycoon who was secretly recorded in 2012 dismissing the 47% of voters as feckless welfare-seekers who would never vote for him), then he concluded:

“Under President Obama the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty in American than ever before.”

Um, think old Mittens felt pressure to drop out because he was sounding more like a DEM than a GOPer? Strong possibility.

However, the word hypocrite comes to mind more so as being apropos just like the cartoon implies … in short: the GOP wants to use DEM issues to win votes, and then shit can them after they win as if those issues never existed except for the nasty, awful, evil, DEM liberal leftists.  

I say: ho hum … and snooze time. (The Real GOP as we all know).

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