Wednesday, February 4, 2015

GOP (Jeb Bush, et al): "We Stand for Middle Class" — Show Us Facts

GOP Might Outta Hang On To This
(proof, pudding thingy comes to mind)

58 Straight Months of Growth
(that translates into 11 million jobs)

More Proof
Best Since the Near Meltdown in 2008

President Obama faced real economic gloom and doom when he took office on January 20, 2009. The following month he signed into law the economic stimulus bill, we have been improving ever since. But, try and find a GOP member of Congress (in office now or previously in office) to admit that Obama policies are in fact, working. Good luck with that search.

Below is an excellent run down on all this and explained far better than I can explain here ... I do know record and I do support the efforts thus far. Sadly, can't say that for the GOP.

Now as we move towards 2016, they are acting and sounding like Democrats about wanting to fight poverty, help the middle class, stand with the working class, et al – etc., etc., yap, yap. You heard Romney before he dropped out say that and now Jeb Bush (possibly the GOP front runner) is saying that, too. Kind of a copy of his brother Dubya when he announced in 1999 that he was “a compassionate conservative” - I suppose to lessen the blow of being harsh after the fact.

Now we see and hear a lot of fancy words and promises, but there is nothing new about that, except it’s the GOP saying it. So, at this point, I feel at east to use an old military term: The GOP has been collectively AWOL – not quite full blown desertion, but very darn close.

Enjoy the segment here (about 18 minutes):

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