Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Despite the GOP Negative Efforts, the U.S. Economy is Bouncing Back

Happy Days Are (sort of) Here Again

Maybe Not This Good
(but darn good nevertheless)

My take derived from several sources, and besides, it's my Blog, too (smile):

Here are several key parts I take away from this from Bloomberg.

•  Company profits, and their shares, are been sideswiped by tumbling energy prices, a strengthening dollar, and rising labor costs.

•  At the same time, those factors are lifting consumer spirits as they pay less for gasoline at the pump and for imported suits at the mall while reaping the benefits of a tighter jobs market.

•  Even big banks like JP Morgan-Chase say that on “balance it means positive growth.”

•  American households are taking a breather after a surge in buying during the previous two months (the holidays).

•  For the fourth quarter as a whole, household expenditures rose at the fastest clip in almost nine years (Commerce Department report).

I suspect but don’t know 100% that this all has the GOP pissed and running in circles all tied up in knots about how to bash Mr. Obama all the while projecting a new image. A new image that says, “Hey, pay attention to us. We support the little guy, mainstream America and their plight, and we strive to wipe out low-wages, poverty, put a chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage.”

Yes, well this “new, old GOP” has pulled out all the stops and are retooling themselves to appeal to everyone except the top 1-2 percent as they will work hard to rake in that blasted 47% who would never support them that Mitt Romney identified for us in 2012. 

So, can the GOP change their ways and focus on the public sector's most-needy, poor, impoverished, low-wage Americans? Um, their PR machines are cranked up, and they have plenty of dough, so what the hell, why not try that instead of say more harsh voter ID laws (seen in this updated story).

Those bullet points above help explain why our economy is improving and by all indicators.   

Now some caution from the story: When a shift in income leaves companies and goes to workers, that marks the beginning of the end of an expansion, i.e., stronger salaries lead to faster inflation (that at times prompts the Fed to boost interest rates (but with wage gains muted and inflation below the central bank’s 2 percent target, they have signaled they’re in no rush to announce their first rate increase since 2006 and will be restrained in tightening credit once they do).

The B/L: The GOP is in a tizzy about bashing Obama policies, since with the good news, which they refuse to acknowledge is proof the Obama policies are in fact working, just like Obama-care is working for millions (but, all you GOP hard liners, don't despair: the GOP is still working on repealing the ACA). So, maybe their good guy image is shall we say, kind of fake?  I mean, how do they flush their DNA clean from all the residue of bashing since what, January 20, 2009

Stay tuned - we are about to find out.

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