Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Root of Evil in American Politics: Out of Control Money

Typical Platform to Run on for a Seat on Congress
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One of my top issues, maybe the very top issue of all issues, which is the basis for everything in our country is this:

The Subject is Money in Politics (yes, the green stuff)

Q:  Let me ask you: Have you ever wanted to join a movement, or just have a voice on a very critical issue that impacted the whole county and  you didn't pitch in to do whatever you could and later regretted not getting involved finding out the issue was the correct and honorable one? We all have I am sure. Well, here's a chance to rectify that. Sign on to this issue.

I believe it is the most-pressing of all issues we face since it speaks directly to the way we want our government to function – that is: what we want and not what big money tells us they think we need.

Today, new forms of big money threaten to undermine American democracy. Citizens United and other court rulings obliterated a century of campaign finance laws. Now a handful of special interests threaten to dominate political funding, often through Super PACs and shadowy nonprofits. Public trust in government has plummeted.

The Brennan Center at NYU is a leading intellectual force in developing policies that ensure the public interest can counter the power of special interests.

First, we seek to advance a new system of small donor public financing for federal and state elections. This would provide multiple matching funds for small gifts and give ordinary voters a far louder voice in presidential and congressional elections.

Second, to counter the outsized role of big money in politics, we must flood the system with millions of new voters. Our signature pro-participation reform, Voter Registration Modernization, would use digital technology to register all eligible citizens, automatically and permanently.

We also seek a new legal context for money in politics: a long-term drive to overturn Citizens United so that the Constitution is once again read as a charter for a self-governing democracy.

We work with policy makers and activists to help draft and enact legislation, defend campaign finance laws in court, and promote innovative public financing solutions nationwide, particularly small donor matching fund systems.

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