Thursday, January 29, 2015

Human Trafficking in the U.S. — Full Congress Must Act in Unison

Logo from the FBI Homepage on the Subject

A subject worth tracking.

Background: the FBI page here highlights FBI cases about their commitment to anti-trafficking efforts worldwide.

Congress also has once again moved to act (article on that here), in part, and elsewhere (here) and on at the page (here) and (here) with examples of recent vote(s):

A total of 13 bills focused on trafficking passed the House last session and one, “The Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act,” was signed into law last September. The bills were lauded by lawmakers from both sides of the aisle as important steps toward ending the practice, seen across the globe as a modern form of slavery. 

The House is advancing the same bills that mostly stalled in the Senate… maybe they will be highlighted and move forward for passage into law this session - one hopes they will.

The FBI case cited in the link about “… the young Ukrainian men and women — many of them out of work and with few prospects — promised good-paying jobs in the United States, but instead of living the American dream, they were thrust into a nightmare of violence, threats, and forced servitude. For years, the five brothers who ran a human trafficking organization victimized dozens of unwitting Ukrainians, underscoring the reality that modern-day slavery exists in the United States and around the world — and requires a strong response by governments and law enforcement.”  

That case story is truly astonishing in detail. It underscores the need for concentrated and coordinated action on a grand scale worldwide and across all lines to combat and stop this awful stain on humanity. It must be stopped and I think it will be stopped — it is a worthy cause.

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